Three Wireless Audio Solutions For The Jogger, Traveller And Worker

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Music has always been such an important part of daily life and culture – both an outlet for stress relief and creativity, the subtle tempos, beats and bass of any song can leave us automatically feeling better than we did prior to listening. In our ever-evolving world, however, the audio experience has moved beyond simple music alone and has grown to include elements such as podcasts, television, and video gaming. As such, more and more people are in search of quality audio solutions that provide excellent quality, durability and simple use without breaking the bank. A variety of headphones and audio solutions now exist that meet this criteria: below, we will discuss three of them and how each may be able to benefit you on a run, in the sky or at the office.

JLab Go Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With so much integrated technology now at our disposal, more and more people have become frustrated with the hassles and tangles that come with traditional earbuds and audio solutions. Many are not yet ready nor may have the money to invest in a premium wireless solution, but solid economic alternatives do exist. Whether you are out for a job or at the gym and need your hands free from distractions, the JLab Go unit’s one piece design ensures that it will remain snug around your ears and eliminate any chances of cords tripping you up while working out. The simple controls on the unit allow users to adjust, skip, pause and change volume with no need to interact with the host device. The JLab Go Wireless Bluetooth Headphones system costs just $40 but provides users with Bluetooth connectivity and a range of up to thirty feet.

AfterShokz AS330 Bluetooth Headset

Similar in design when compared to the Jlab Go but a step-up in terms of design and functionality, the AfterShokz AS330 Bluetooth Headset is currently available for $100 through select retailers. It utilizes bone conduction technology to deliver sound straight to your inner ear while bypassing the eardrums, connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and can answer calls hands-free.  It also features a noise-cancelling microphone for clear audio on the other end. This unit is perfect for those at work who want to enjoy their tunes while also being able to answer calls without interruption. Simply charge via USB and the AfterShokz is ready to provide hours of entertainment and functionality.

Sennheiser RS 160 Wireless Stereo Headphones

Billed as one of the premium solutions to wireless stereo sound, the Sennheiser RS 160 Wireless Stereo Headphones are a great way for those who wish to travel in peace to block out noises around them. These closed back, around the ear headphones provide insulated sound that keeps distractions and ongoings outside of your interest from filtering in, while the digital volume control allows for quick adjustments as needed. Capable of providing up to 24 hours use on one single charge, the Sennheiser will only need to be charged occasionally to ensure proper function. With a 10 metre range and a price tag of $200, the Sennheiser is still within the reach of audiophiles and travellers who want a comprehensive audio solution for on-the-road, hands-free fun.

This guest post is contributed by Jenny Wadlow, a freelance blogger. She writes blog posts for Autex, one of the largest producers of polyester insulation in Australia. She likes to workout while listening to her favorite music and in her free time, indulges in reading books. You can catch up with her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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