The Best 5 Free Chat Services Online

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The variety of internet services has rose up in the present years and has caused unending competition among the owners of free on line chats. Companies have developed new message conveyors with new additional features to attract the greater market share. It is quite had to find the one service that can be termed as the best.

This is because each service has its unique advantages and features. However, here are the best 5 free chat services online;


This is one of the most widely used and oldest messaging services. Many people around the world have registered with Zinzzchat. The latest addition Zinzzchat has added for its users to enjoy is the video chatting feature.

It is free to chat with anyone provided they are also registered with Zinzzchat. Zinzzchat also comes with a messenger which is free to download on-line. The free yahoo messenger makes it easy for a user to connect with many people using a webcam, a headset and texts to chat with friends and family. This reliable application has been established for many years. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection.


Skype is known as one of the safest on-line chat websites. It is free too. It consists of a complex decoding and encoding algorithm which makes it very secure for users. It uses VoIP technology and has a reliable system which makes making phone calls from a personal computer to a land-line and mobile phone easy and with very good quality.

Skype has all features one would expect from an Instant Messenger like notifications, file transfers and chat. The voice chat facility is the feature that has launched Skype to be a leader. Skype has a tool which can be downloaded easily from the website. Once it is installed, it automatically alerts the user with the friends ‘availability, updates and many other features.


MSN has been under the maintenance of Microsoft. It was released to users in the year 1995 under the name Microsoft Network. A recent study showed that is ranked number nine under the most visited websites of history. Because of its huge popularity, Microsoft incorporated MSN messenger which comes as a pre-installed feature with the latest versions of Windows.


Google made the entry to the free on-line chat providers list late. However, it brought forth the integration of mail and chat together. This was a major revolution in the industry. To enhance the customer base even further, Google launched G talk, Google talk. G talk is a fine an easy to use application for communicating with friends. All one needs to do to access Google talk is create an email with Google, known as G Mail.


ICQ offers an easy to use and revolutionary tool that can be found on line. This tool enables a user to contact the friends on-line. Additionally, a user can search for people on line from the huge database it has. ICQ has a new version which integrates Facebook. This means that one will not only talk to the friends on-line on ICQ but on Facebook too.

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