Startup Toolkit: The Best Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Today, we’re gonna list all greatest tools for entrepreneurs and startups.

First of all

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Books to read

Sites to use

Offline tools

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Pen and paper
  3. Headphones
  4. Post-it
  5. Smartphone
  6. MethodKit

Finding a domain name

  1. Lean Domain Search ( find a name based on the keyword )
  2. Wordoid (helps to create a name that sounds good)
  3. Bust a Name (slightly different approach to naming your domain)
  4. Name Station (hold a name contest)

Wireframing & Diagrams



  1. Surveymonkey (Free)
  2. Pick-fu A/B test approach to market research (50 responses for $10)
  3. Kiss Insights Collect customer feedback on your site
  4. Surveygizmo
  5. Wofoo

Launching soon page

  1. Launchrock Viral lauching soon page (Free)
  2. Ooomf Launchrock for mobile
  3. Unbounce By far the best software for building landing pages (Free for 1 page)
  4. Launch Effect WordPress theme for viral launches
  5. Prefinery Full beta management system 
  6. Launch Effect App

Sites to promote for beta users


User Testing


Pitch Deck

  1. Slideshare
  2. Speakerdeck Slideshare with a nicer look
  3. Sliderocket
  4. Prezi For more creative visualization

Affordable product demo videos 

  1. Goanimate Create animated videos for free
  2. Animoto
  3. Wyzowl


  1. Google Analytics
  2. Kissmetrics
  3. Clicky
  4. StartUp Genome Project (benchmark your metrics with other startups)
  5. GoodData – data analysis and visualization
  6. Mixpanel – Real Time analysis of your users & metrics. FREE. $150/mo.
  7. Wistia (video strategy) $23, $79, $399/month.
  8. CrazyEgg (eye tracking) $9 to $100/month
  9. KissMetrics $29-$149/month.
  10. Awesome (Social media analytics), $15-$50/month
  11. ClickEquations (paid search anaytics)
  12. SpringMetrics
  13. TrendSlide Graph your key metrics $5/mo
  14. LTV, Cohort analysis, etc $500/month
  15. Lexity (watch your store live Free to $10k/month
  16. Bime Analytics (data viz and dashboarding tool)  $60-$240/mo


  1. Angel List (Investor search)
  2. Gust (Investor search)
  3. Kickstarter (Crowdfunding)
  4. Rockethub (Crowdfunding)
  5. indiegogo (Crowdfunding)
  6. FundedByMe (Equity Crowdfunding)
  7. TruEquity (Cap table as a service) $0-$20/mo
  8. GrowThink
  9. ProFounder (crowd funding)


Project management

Personal Productivity

  1. – Treehouse helps you track achievements.
  2. / focusboosterappTime tracking (Pomodoro Technique)
  3. Wunderlist To-do-lists
  4. Stayfocused Manage distractions
  5. Evernote Get organized
  6. Mindmeister Mindmapping

Social Media Management

  1. Buffer Schedule your posts
  2. Hootsuite Social media dashboard
  3. Tweeriod Determine the best tweeting times
  4. If This Then That Automate social media management process
  5. Pagemodo Facebook page design
  6. Mention Social Media Monitoring

Create infographics

Email marketing 

  1. Madmimi – Great software, best pricing
  2. Activecampaign Email and social media
  3. Sendgrid
  4. Mailchimp ( Free for up-to 2000 contacts )
  5. Campaignmonitor

A/B Testing

  1. Visual Website Optimizer probably the best A/B testing tool
  2. Optimizely
  3. Google website optimizer (Free) 

Cloud storage

  1. Google Drive ( 5GB free )
  2. Dropbox ( 2GB free )
  3. Box ( 5GB free )
for more cloud storage tools click here to check our previous list

Conversation Rate Optimization

  1. ConversionVoodoo (landing pages) Pay for performance
  2. Tomazo (landing pages)
  3. Optimizely (A/B testing) $17/month
  4. VisualWebsiteAnalyzer (A/B testing for website) $49/month
  5. WhichTestWon (A/B testing publication)
  6. MarketingSherpa (publication)
  7. Trada PPC optimization by crowdsourced experts By performance.
  8. BrandGlue (FB newsfeed algorithm optimization)
  9. Spinnakr
  10. SeeVolution (heat maps) $29/mo+
  11. (interactive onscreen walk-through’s). Free, $19, $97, $325/mo


  1. Hubspot. Inbound marketing. (25 software marketing tools all in one). $200-$5000 per month.
  2. Marketo $2,000 and $3,600 per month
  3. MixRank (view successful campaigns of competitors)
  4. Chartbeat (
  5. Ampush (performance marketing)
  6. NationBuilder
  7. OnlyWire (automated submission of your content)
  8. GeoToko (location based promotions)
  9. HasOffers (create affiliate program) $99/mo
  10. SongWhale
  11. WildFire $5 to $250 per promotion
  12. AwareLabs PR in a box.
  13. Trada (performance ppc optimization)
  14. Involver (Build social media campaigns)
  15. HelpAreporter (PR: be a source for a journalist)
  16. OpenX (Sell or Buy ad inventory)


  1. Wave Accounting ( Free )
  2. Tradeshift Free and simple invoicing
  3. Xero Accounting ( from $19 p/m )
  4. BlinkSale Send Invoices w/payment  $15/mo
  5. Expensify
  6. TradeShift (free online invoicing)
  8. SurePayroll (Payroll)
  9. ClickTime (Time sheets & expense tracking)
  10. FreshBooks Free
  11. LessAccounting $30/month


  1. Pipedrive – Simple, minimalist, easy to use. Best paid option.
  2. Base – Free for up to 150 contacts. They’re not very transparent about further pricing though. If you know you will need over 150 contacts, make sure you check out premium pricing with them before you spend all the time uploading details of your leads. It’s still a great product.
  3. SugarCRM – Free opensource version
  4. Nimble – Social CRM
  5. Streak – CRM / Task Management


Here is a great list of tools that you will need when you try to build your own business. This list is still growing, so we’re waiting for your additions in the comments section below.

28 Comments to Startup Toolkit: The Best Tools for Entrepreneurs

  1. Larry East

    add Tribes and Purple Cow by Seth Godin to the book list. Also “The Method Method” and “Pitch Anything”

  2. I would add CoFoundersLab,, to the ‘Sites to Use’ list. The site helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and build stronger teams faster. In addition to the online matching platform, CoFoundersLab hosts offline, in -person, Co-Founders Wanted Meetups in cities throughout the world:

    It’s free and the online platform is available worldwide as of June 2013:

    Good luck to all!

  3. Thanks for a GREAT list. I am bookmarking and sharing ASAP. I am biased, but I’d love to see @ClearSlide included in the analytics, productivity and pitch deck sections. Your readers may also enjoy yesterday’s TechCrunch post with a list of inbound tools used specifically for fundraising:

  4. Stephie Daniel

    Great list of tools. I basically relies on online tools for my day to day activities. And according to that I think so that you missed out the task tracking software from Replicon. its pretty cool one to use with hassle free experience and user friendly interface.

  5. Thanks for the list! Very informative and helpful. On the email side of things, I would also add They have a super easy to use email marketing interface including a drag and drop tool and super granular analytics.

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