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At syscortech, we are not a fan of the things that everyone is talking about. We try to create unique content that has to come into your mind at not at the very first thought. Couple of hours ago, Apple announced two new iPhones as expected, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. iPhone 5C where c stands for colorful has the spirit of late 90s when there were fruit color iMacs. At first, some of the community thought that c may be standing for cheap but after the event we are sure that it really does not stand for cheap. Unlocked version of the iPhone 5C is $549 for 16 GB and $649 for 32 GB. So that’s something that reassures Apple spirit is not dead, yet…

Fruit Color iMacs


Although we feel as its kind of disappointing to see leaked things on stage, especially 64-bit on iPhone 5s was something new for the whole community and the smart-device world.

What does 64-bit mean? Everyone has heard 64-bit at some point, especially when formatting their PCs but most of them does not have an idea about it. Few hours ago, that revealed again and people have gone to the one of the best places to learn something. You ask where? Reddit’s ELI5 (explainlikeimfive) subreddit of course, nearly a year ago, relevant answer was given by kg4wwn as follows

“Think of a computer like a great library. There are all kinds of books (storage) but also a librarian who helps figure out what books you need. The librarian has 32 assistants who help fetch books on bicycles and bring them back to the librarian. If someone comes in wanting all the books on dinosaurs, and there are 65 of such books, the books will all get there in three trips. The first trip all the assistants go out and get the books on, then go back and on the second trip they all get another book and on the third trip only one has to go and get data, but it still takes just as long, since the important thing is how long a trip takes.
So to get the books it requires three bicycle trips (but we can just call them cycles, so three cycles). However, if the librarian had 64 assistants, it would only take two cycles. There would be a dramatic speed boost, but NOT double, since there would still be on trip that only one assistant was needed, while the others are there but unable to make it go faster.
If there were 256 books on dinosaurs, then with 32 assistants it would take 8 cycles but with 64 it would only take 4. However, if there were only 20 books on dinosaurs it would make no difference if there were 32 assistants, 64 or even 128! It would still just be one cycle.
A computer works in much the same way. The computer fetches data from memory, but can only fetch so much at one time. If the computer is running at 64 bits, it can fetch 64 bits of data (and work on it) during one clock cycle. A computer running at 32 bits can only handle 32 bits of data during a clock cycle.
Well, now imagine that there were 64 assistants, but the librarian didn’t know where half of them were! The librarian could only use 32 at a time, even though there were twice as many available. A 32 bit version of windows only knows how to “find” bits worth of data at a time, even though your 64 bit computer has other resources waiting that cannot be used. The 64 bit version of windows doesn’t change the hardware any (of course) but it helps the hardware FIND all those assistants.”

So, one of the main questions comes to our mind is iOS is now 64-bit compatible, what’s your move Android? What do you think about this? Reach us from comments below or on Twitter!

Another thing was of course, Touch ID. Apple’s next big step in recognizing the users. It looks like an amazing technology but we really love to touch the screen, really Apple, we are not kidding. When Steve was on the stage announcing the first iPhone, do you remember our joy when he said “Nobody wants a stylus” (if you don’t video is below). We are not saying Touch ID is same with a stylus but who cares buttons. We don’t think that it will be feature that will be used widely. But Apple, don’t move the interaction off the screen. (Here comes the but) If you open the Touch ID API to developers, not to the developers working for NSA, then we might have been talking about something unique.

For the Stylus part, jump onto the 6:46

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