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Have you read “Uprising: How to build a brand and change the world by sparking cultural movements”? If you don’t, you should. The writer of this bestseller Scott Goodson has published his new book which is giving beautiful suggestions that are based on experience and true stories. Scott Goodson is also the founder of the ad agency StrawberryFrog. He freely distributes “How To Start A Successful Ad Agency” on the internet. So, go ahead and enjoy this DRM-free e-book. Since the advertising era has become more and more compelling because newly-born ad agencies, becoming a successful one gets higher importance and this is one of the best books that we can present as beneficial.

At the beginning of the book, Scott Goodson invites us to the early days of his ad agency.

The first week hatching StrawberryFrog, my own ad agency, was the worst week  of my life. Karin Drakenberg (a Swede) and I (a Canadian) wrote the businessplan, then we moved to Amsterdam, where we spent all of our time taking out the trash, eating brooches, hanging out in places we never would have imagined existed, calling clients and writing ideas for clients – lots of ideas. Would I do it all again? Unreservedly, yes.

After moving into the past, one of the major questions of all mad-men has is answered: “How to do marketing in Revolutionary Era?”

Something significant has changed in our global culture over the past couple of  years. Blame it on global economic pressures, general restlessness, or the new  hyper-connectivity that enables people to instantly organize around causes and  hot-topics. It’s probably some combination of all of these factors, but the net result  is that we, as business leaders, are now dealing with a populace that is more socially engaged, more aware of what’s going on in the world, and hungrier to get  involved and be heard on various issues.

In the next chapters Scott Goodson directly gives everyone in the agency or brand world can use even if they are not planning to open their own ad agencies because brands work with the agencies to make easy to manage the bridge between their customers. At the end of the day, main job of the ad agency is to communicate and any advice on communication can be implemented in personal life. Below, you can see the proof. Also, in the book “Advertising 3.0″ and the future are explained. “Top 100 Global Ad Agencies That Know Google and Social Media” part was a must read for all the brands and the agencies.

Five lessons worth keeping in mind:

1. Listen to what your people are crying out for
2. Invite your customers into the public square
3. Fly your banner proudly. Once you’ve decided to get behind an idea on the rise in culture or initiative, make a bold statement.
4. Don’t fake it.
5. Aim for global. Your idea has the potential to catch a wave of human energy and explode across boundaries and borders, gaining momentum along the way. Don’t underestimate it.

Reach out us and Scott Goodson on Twitter and tell what do you think about the book!

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